Disney Dreamlight Valley Friendship Guide: How To Level Up Quickly

The only way to have a friend is to be one.


Though Disney Dreamlight Valley gives you multiple biomes to customize to your liking and thousands of items to collect and craft to do so, it's the friendships you form along the way that matter most. Well, at least, we think so. Building up your friendship levels with all of the beloved characters you've invited to your valley takes time, effort, and generosity, but obtaining all of their unique items and other benefits can be well worth the investment. In this guide, we'll tell you all of the best ways you can level up your friendships with your Disney pals.

Doing friendship quests

The first and most obvious method of leveling up your friendships is to do friendship quests. Each of your friends has their own set of quests to complete, and new ones unlock as they reach new levels. Completing these will net you a chunk of friendship XP, and if you level one of them up, you'll also earn whatever item is listed in their individual reward track for that level. So it's important to keep on top of your quest log to make sure you're earning the most you can for your playtime.

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Having daily discussions

One of the easiest methods for scoring a decent haul of friendship XP is having daily discussions, which you can have once a day with every character currently in your valley. Simply walk up to any of your characters and talk to them, then choose the response (usually at the top) that asks them a question or engages with them about their life. When you've completed the dialogue, you'll earn yourself a bit of XP and a bit more insight into what makes each of your pals tick.

Hanging out

One of the most efficient methods for earning friendship XP is to hang out with one of your characters. When a character reaches level 2, you can assign them a specific job: gardening, mining, fishing, foraging, or digging. Afterward, you can speak to them and choose "hang out," which will have them follow you around as you perform any of those aforementioned jobs. While hanging out, every time you do something related to one of those jobs, your friend will earn some XP for it.

It's worth noting that your friend will gain XP even if you're doing things that aren't related to their assigned job. However, if you perform tasks that are related to their assigned job, they'll also occasionally reward you with additional materials. For instance, if you have a friend who is assigned mining, then they're likely to provide you with an extra ore or gem for each node you finish breaking. This is vital to helping you farm up materials for many quests, and that extra friendship XP is nice, too.

Giving gifts

Giving gifts is a great way to level up your friendships. By speaking to any of your pals, you can see an option that lets you hand over anything to them (except quest items) from your inventory. Every one of your denizens will have three favorite gifts per day, which will give you massive friendship XP gains when given to them, so it's a good idea to take any opportunity possible to hook them up with what they like.

While those favorite gifts may grant the biggest rewards, you can also opt for a slow but consistent option of gifting them flowers repeatedly. For whatever reason, every character will level up a bit when given flowers, so you can repeat this to finish leveling any characters you're in a hurry to cap off. You can also combine Dream Shards and Night Shards to create Purified Night Shards to give them for some decent XP gains, but you'll be giving up fairly valuable resources in doing so.

Serving meals at Remy's restaurant

The last (and most inconsistent) way to level up your characters is to serve them meals at Remy's restaurant. Throughout the day, different characters will cycle in and out of the restaurant, and they'll each request a unique meal while they're seated inside. If you have the ingredient and recipe for that meal, cook it up and take it over to serve it to them, at which point you'll be rewarded with an XP bump for that friend. You can only feed each person once during a visit, and because you never know who is going to be there at any point during the day, this isn't a particularly efficient method of leveling up a specific character. But hey, a little extra XP is nice when you can get it.

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