Fortnite Goo Gun: Where To Get It And How It Works

This is one sticky situation.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 impressed right out of the gate with its wild map changes and interesting new mechanics, but Epic has been hard at work to make things even more engaging with each update since. One week after introducing the Cobra DMR, the team has now implemented another new weapon--the Goo Gun. This unique addition to the ever-growing Fortnite arsenal is a fun time to use, so read on to see where you can find one and how it works.

Where to find a Goo Gun in Fortnite

The Goo Gun comes in only one rarity (Rare) and can be found on the ground and inside chests. It doesn't use any type of conventional ammo, instead coming equipped with a finite amount of goo shots that can be fired at foes. There are 200 shots in total with 20 in each magazine, so once you've used it all up, the gun will be useless and will need to be replaced with a new one altogether.

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You can use the Goo Gun to fire a sticky orange goo that detonates after a short while. This gunky mess can deal fairly solid damage to enemy shields and health, and it can also destroy structures. This makes it a great option for getting opponents out from behind or within cover. However, the range on the gun isn't spectacular, so it's best used at short- or medium-range.

Due to the unusual nature of the Goo Gun and the fact that it takes time to detonate, it's best to bring along some other firepower, too. Having a shotgun or SMG to protect you in close-quarters showdowns is vital, allowing you to keep the Goo Gun prepped for flushing folks out when they retreat to cover.

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