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I Heart Resident Evil 4 (ft. The Sphere Hunter, Residence of Evil, and More!)

While Resident Evil 1 completely revolutionized the industry and coined the term: "Survival Horror", Resident Evil 4 was able to, yet again, revolutionize the industry with its unique blend of Action Horror. Since RE4 has come out, it has served as a major influence on games like: Dead Space, Gears of War, God of War, and even The Last of Us.

Join The Sphere Hunter, Residence of Evil, Caddicarus, The Completionist, Ink Ribbon, DaveControl, and GameSpot's very own Chris Morris, Kurt Indovina, and Jean-Luc Seipke as they discuss just the industry changing Resident Evil 4, and how much they absolutely adored the game.

JJ of Residence of Evil, DaveControl, and The Completionist discuss how different Las Plagas and the Ganados were compared to zombies, while Kurt also points out just how much the over-shoulder camera made a difference to the feel of the game.

The Sphere Hunter gushes about her love for Leon S. Kennedy, while also discussing some of the more terrifying bosses like U-3. Bosses like El Gigante and Del Lago are also brought up, while Caddicarus talks about some of the more stressful moments - like being trapped in a house with Luis.

And - speaking of characters, everyone had plenty to say about Ashley. From her constant screams of "Leon", to how terrifying it can actually be to play as her, bringing the game right back into survival horror territory.

Let us know what future episodes you'd like to see, and what guests you hope to see on! And consider checking out our previous episodes on Dark Souls, Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, and Metal Gear Solid!