Halloween Ends Could Be Biggest Box Office Smash Since Thor: Love And Thunder - Report

The movie is expected to bring in as much as $55 million in the US this weekend, the most since Thor: Love and Thunder in July.


Halloween Ends releases in theaters and on Peacock this Friday, October 14, and it's expected to bring in a lot of money at the box office despite releasing simultaneously for streaming on Peacock.

According to Variety, the film is projected to bring in between $50 million-$55 million in the US for its opening weekend. Should it reach those heights, Halloween Ends would become the first film this year since July's Thor: Love and Thunder to hit $50 million for its opening weekend in the US.

For comparison, 2021's Halloween Kills--which also released in theaters and via Peacock on the same day--made $49 million for its US opening weekend.

2018's Halloween, meanwhile, made $77 million in the US over its opening weekend, but there was no pandemic or Peacock at the time, so that comparison isn't entirely fair or complete.

Halloween Ends was produced on a $20 million budget, so Variety is anticipating the film could become profitable quickly. This weekend it's going up against another scary movie, Smile, which has been the No. 1 movie in the US for two straight weeks following its debut.

Halloween Ends wraps up the sequel trilogy that began with 2018's Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis, 63, plays Laurie Strode once again as she fights the brutal masked killer Michael Myers.

Halloween series creator John Carpenter has been in the news lately, too, saying he remains interested in directing a Dead Space movie.

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