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Long-Term Roofing Solutions & Weathertightness Warranties

Roof leaks are bad for buildings owners, architects, roofer contractors and manufacturers alike. Metal roofing is a long-term roofing solution that when properly installed should provide decades of leak-free service life. But, care must be taken to ensure proper installation as well as the use of complimentary ancillary and accessory items that will also perform for the long-term.

When proper conditions are met, McElroy Metal offers weathertightness warranties on select standing seam systems. While many regional manufacturers in the metal roofing industry seem to view weathertightness warranties as a marketing gimmick or tool to sell more roofs, McElroy Metal’s philosophy about warranties is to provide the building owner with a sense of security in the event of water leak.

138T & 238T Standing Seam System in Courtyard

A Long-Term, Hassle Free Roofing System

To ensure the building owner has a warranty that does provide value, McElroy Metal incorporates procedures and specifications that are designed to give building owners peace-of-mind that they have a long-term, hassle free roofing system. With warranties that extend up to 25 years, the entire roofing system needs to be designed to ensure ultimate system performance for the warranty period and even beyond. This attention to detail is the reason McElroy Metal requires trained installers, plan review prior to approval, field inspections for most warranties and proven ancillary components such as .080 welded aluminum curbs and long-life fasteners.

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